Club statement: Tony Thompson incident

The club is supporting goalkeeper Tony Thompson following the well-publicised incident that led to his sending off in the FA Trophy defeat to Guiseley at Cantilever Park on Saturday.

The process of reviewing the video footage is ongoing. We note the statement from Guiseley AFC and will be providing them with the video footage.

It goes without saying that the incident is deplorable and has no place in non-league football, football or society in general.

We have also been contacted by Cheshire Police regarding the incident.

We will await the referees report and FA charge before deciding what action to take regarding the red card.

Our priority is ensuring that Tony is given the support he needs given the attention that the story is receiving, and we know he is thankful for the messages of support he has received, particularly from other goalkeepers.

Comments (9)

  1. David Pickles

    The incident in question regarding the goalkeeper was despicable and shows how some people can sink.
    I fully support Mr Thompson in his actions and wish him all the best.

    David Pickles

  2. Andrew Raisin

    This red card should be rescinded . No matter what the situation no one should have to experience this sort of behaviour. I hope this despicable person is identified.

  3. Andy Beswick

    Disgusting hope they catch the person who did it banter is fine but that is a vile #rbfc fan

  4. As a Guiseley fan, I was both disgusted and embarrassed by what happened yesterday. This is not what our family orientated, friendly club is about.
    I hope that the culprit(s) are quickly found and punished. I also believe that the red card should be rescinded and that @guiseleyafc will support you in any appeal.
    Once again, apologies to your players and fans. Please don’t let this idiot tarnish us, or the relationship between our clubs and real supporters.

  5. As a GUISELEY supporter all my 55 years I find this behaviour abhorrent and would consider a rescinding of the red and a replay to be organised asap. Find and charge the culprit with assault and life time ban – we don’t want you anywhere near Nethermoor or associated with our family club.

  6. The fan should be banned for life from all football grounds. This could have had a horrible outcome.
    The goalie should be reprieved and I will give him a fist pump when they play Stafford Rangers

  7. Colin Murray

    Look after Tony he doesn’t deserve anything apart from support and personal opinion, the referee lacks some common….
    Extreme but well within response to have walked off and abandoned the game

    Well done Tony

  8. This maggot needs to be named ,shamed a lifetime ban from any sporting event’s and then let the courts deal with him magistrates , then crown im a plumber so I know what you can catch from urine it’s absolutely disgusting, I’ve been involved in the game for a long time my son fin smith plays for Bamber bridge , why would this come into your head to do a thing like this . Words fail me just hope everything is ok with the keeper ( Tony ) and gets this sorted and moves on

  9. The fan must be a sicko

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