Mortgage firm supports the Yellows from home

With another season curtailed, the club are as grateful as ever for its supporters and sponsors who help continue back the club in difficult times.

A new sponsor on board this season is Home Financial, who took some advertising space pitch side ahead of the season kicking off, as well as sponsoring goalkeeper Charlie Albinson.

The award-winning financial advisors’ director, Ross Jones, moved to Warrington in 2014 and naturally started to take an interest in the club being a football fan.

Speaking to the club about the importance of non-league and local football, Jones said: “I think those of us that get down to watch non-league football ‘get it’.

“It’s not your corporate Premier League match day experience with the millionaire players and executive lounges. It means so much to me to get that sense of kicking every ball and actually making a difference to the local team when they turn out. It gives you a sense of community, I’ve brought several people along with me recently and nobody has a bad word to say about the experience. I think more premier league fans will be attracted to their local non league club when the season restarts because it just has so much to offer.”

Discussing his business, he added: “So we’re a local Mortgage Advisers based in Padgate. A small, local business providing mortgage advice from an impartial basis, independent from the banks and building societies. We can act from the customers perspective and give them the advice and guidance they need when navigating what is likely their highest monthly outgoing.”

The last two Pitching In Northern Premier League Premier Division seasons have been curtailed due to the ongoing pandemic, with the ongoing hope that the 2021/22 season will go ahead as normal thanks to the vaccination and lockdown efforts.

Home Financial have been recognised as Top Rated Advisers in the annual Vouchedfor guide, and have extended their sponsorship for the 2021/22 season.

“My football supporting is a tad chequered and I get plenty of stick for it,” said Jones.

“When I was a kid my dad took me to Crystal Palace and we still maintain that tradition to this day. Going to their northern away games and the odd trip to Selhurst every now and then. However, when we moved up north in the 90s quite frankly to avoid daily stick, I needed to choose ‘red’ or ‘blue’ and chose the red half of Merseyside ever since. Therefore, you could say I follow Liverpool but a closet Palace fan!

“These days, I’m down Cantilever Park far more than I am either of those clubs!

“To be honest this has been my first season coming to games because it was the highest level of live football you could attend! As a local business I’ve wanted to get involved for a while and it just felt like the ideal opportunity to help out a little bit whilst getting my fix of live football.

“It has been a difficult year and I have such sympathy with all connected with the club including all the players and management as it’s been so stop/start for so long.

“Things are looking brighter and think I speak for many when I say I can’t wait to get down to Cantilever Park for a new season and get behind the lads!”

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