Q&A summary from recent Warrington Town fans’ forum

Warrington Town chairman Toby Macormac recently held a fans forum where supporters could find out more about the club and ask questions.

Following requests from fans unable to attend, we have pulled together some of the key questions from the evening, alongside the chairman’s answers.

Why can we not pay by card in the social club?

Unfortunately, connectivity within the old wooden building that is the social club is a bit of a black spot and so it hasn’t been possible as yet to get the required equipment in place. However, as part of a change of provider for our broadband across the whole site, we are now in the process of getting terminals in place and hope that these will be available to use before the end of the season.

Why can we not have a better selection of food in the snack bar?

The location of the snack bar is at the very end of an old and complicated system of electrics. Unfortunately, there is not enough power being fed in to the Snack Bar at present to accommodate the required machinery and equipment for a broader range of food, such as burgers and chips as requested by some supporters. There are also secondary issues, such as the disposal of waste oil and food hygiene requirements, as well as the lack of volunteers to operate a larger snack bar. For bigger games where larger crowds are anticipated, the club regularly commits to external provision – such as the burger van that was in situ for the recent game against South Shields. While the club would like to improve the Snack Bar, it would come at a substantial cost to upgrade the electrics and as such is unaffordable at this time.

Why do online shirt orders take so long to arrive?

Our Club Shop is operated solely on home match days by a volunteer. All replica shirts are made to order by Macron. Unfortunately, they have been impacted by a number of issues relating to Brexit and COVID which has delayed the usual receipt time of shirt orders. Regular orders are placed and are sent out as soon as they arrive with us. From time to time, there are shirts available to purchase in the club shop on the day. For the other teamwear items, provided by 1895 Sports, a stock is carried. If an item you order is in stock, it will be posted the same week as your order and/or be available for collection at the next home game.

Why do our supporters not raise money for the club?

There are two supporters clubs – the Official Supporters Club and YIST, and it goes without saying that we would love both or either supporters club to help raise funds for the club, which could go towards a range of things including ground improvements.

What is the current situation with away travel?

Following a request earlier this season, the club negotiated an away travel package with our partners for Orion that made available seats to every away game for £20. Unfortunately, take up has been disappointing and as such, these coaches have not been able to run. We would love nothing more than for these to be running each away game and they remain available to do so. A minimum number is required to ensure they can operate. It is no longer possible for supporters to travel with the team, as the coach provided as part of the deal with the club has limited numbers of seats. The club has also been restricted by COVID protocols in recent seasons. Our feeling is that perhaps post-COVID, people are still not confident enough for regular coach travel.

Do we know what our fans can do to help?

The club is always open to support from volunteers in a range of areas, and have on a number of occasions in recent seasons reached out – whether that be online or by handing out flyers on the turnstile when fans have entered. This has resulted in a handful of new volunteers in recent years, particularly stewards.

What is the make up of the club?

Chairman Toby Macormac heads up the club and invests personal sums of money each year. He does not work for the club, instead running it alongside his business commitments in the logistics industry. His wife Lisa runs the social club and the administrative side of the club, including function room and 3G bookings, on a voluntary basis. The maintenance of the ground and pitch is led by Geoff Bell, and off-pitch activity including media, marketing and commercial is led by James Gordon. We are grateful to the dedicated volunteers without whom match days simply wouldn’t be possible – particularly on the turnstile, stewards and operating the snack bar.

Why aren’t we promoting the club more?

We have tried numerous initiatives over the years and continue to do so. Average crowds have doubled since our first season in the NPL Premier Division. Our coverage in the local press stands up against any other non-league team. We have had promotions and adverts in Golden Square and in the Warrington Guardian, as well as partnerships with Priestley College and the former Warrington Collegiate. We continue to approach local businesses regarding sponsorship, and this has resulted in some new partners this season. Posters etc have been created in the past, though shops particularly in the Golden Square are restricted by what they can do. There is also the issue of man power / volunteers – we simply don’t have the volunteers at present to do leaflet drops and knock on doors.

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  1. Lee Pennington

    Suggestion around extra promotion, how about offer free tickets for primary school children for certain games. given their age they would need to be accompanied by an adult who could maybe be have a cheaper price if they provide the coupon that was given out to the school?

    • James Gordon

      Hi Lee, we have previously given out 2,000 free junior season tickets – including all WTFC junior players and at local primary schools. Tickets have also been distributed at the VPX event, which is attended by 3,500+. We’ve done free child with a paying adult, and even free adult with a paying child – unfortunately these were abused on occasion; I particularly remember on the day we won the league against Prescot Cables and I was doing the turnstile, an adult expressed his dismay at it being all ticket and having to pay £10 for one match when he had watched every match that season for nothing. We also had children using the free entry simply to use the astroturf, and not to watch the game. There is also the issue that a lot of junior football takes place on a Saturday, and so parents are understandably reluctant to take kids to football in the morning and then come to watch WTFC in the afternoon. A coupon was also ran on Warrington Guardian for free tickets, which was only used by two people.

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