Warrington critical games and their chances for the rest of the season

With the season drawing to an end, Warrington Town’s never been closer to the title. Sitting only two points behind Farsley Celtic, the Yellows have an epic shot at winning the so-much-desired promotion to the National League.

Last year’s third-place finish was the highest in the club’s history, yet this season the club can go a level up and possibly win the title. Right now, it’s within the Yellows grasp.

Critical Games Ahead

Although the team is obviously gearing up for a title run, the Yellows have a difficult time ahead. With 10 rounds to go till the end, the team is only a few steps away from the title. However, with Celtic performing well above expectations, Warrington Town FC will need to stay focused and win as many matches as it can.

The first obstacle on the way to the title will be Whitby Town at Cantilever Park. Currently sitting 11th on the table, Whitby shouldn’t be a lot to handle for the Yellows. The matches against Gainsborough Trinity, Scarborough Athletic, and Buxton in the final round are very important for the Cantilever outfit. Should Warrington Town FC win these games and performs well in the others, it may be enough to secure the title.

It won’t be easy, though. Farsley Celtic has a tad easier schedule to the end, with Warrington Town playing tricky Buxton in the final round. Buxton is pushing for the playoffs, currently sitting 5 points behind 5th placed Gainsborough Trinity, another one of Warrington’s stepping stones on the way to National League North promotion. It could be a make-it-or-break-it Warrington Town, which is the club needs to treat all the games before Buxton like a final.

The chances are definitely good. Bookies are already giving Warrington Town generous odds of 9/4 to win the promotion. Farsley Celtic has only been given odds of 1/1 – they are obviously the favourites, but Warrington isn’t too far behind, not to mention that their odds look much better. If you’re an experienced punter, you know that backing the favourite doesn’t always work. You need to explore the market and do your homework, and from what we’ve seen, Warrington could cause an upset. At 9/4, you stand of earning a nice sum of money for a reasonable bet.

Other bookies are even giving Warrington Town odds of 2/1 to finish at the top, further closing the gap with Celtic. There are many amazing sports betting offers in the UK – you just need to pick the right one. As you can see, Warrington Town’s odds are looking great. The team may be a bit behind Celtic, but it’s not too far behind and its odds are much better-looking. Place a bet on Warrington to triple your investment if the Paul Carden-led team manages to secure a promotion.

The title has never been closer, and with a little bit of luck, the Yellows may lift it. With it, the team will get promoted to the National League North and bring joy to the fans like it did with its memorable 2014 run in the FA Cup.

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