Mark Beesley reacts to FA Trophy exit

Warrington Town manager Mark Beesley says his side deserved something from their game against Guiseley as they were knocked out of the FA Trophy. 

Lewis Whitham’s late, deflected free-kick was enough to send the Lions through to the third round of the competition at the expense of the Yellows. 

Despite their cup exit, Beesley says he is proud of the commitment shown by his players, especially while they were forced to play much of the second half with 10 men. 

CLUB STATEMENT: Tony Thompson incident

“The most frustrating thing about it is that the ball has deflected off the wall and gone in,” he said.

“We’d just had the best chance of the game for Andy White, and I think we deserved something out of the game.

“In the last 30 minutes, they gave everything for the club and the shirt. I think we’ve got to take that massive positive into the next games.”

Beesley also reflected on the bizarre incident which saw Tony Thompson shown a straight red card in the second half. 

Thompson was sent off after reacting to a fan who had apparently urinated in his water bottle behind the goal, which prompted a long stoppage as players confronted supporters behind the goal.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be involved in anything like that again,” he admitted.

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“The Guiseley staff apologised. It was disgusting and there’s no place in life for things like that.

“I think the referee has completely lost control after that.

“If someone urinates in my bottle and I drink it, I’m going to throw it away. To send him off for throwing the bottle away is nothing short of a disgrace.

“It’s hard to talk about the football when such a big incident like that happens. From our point of view, the welfare of our players is paramount, and what Tony was subjected to was disgraceful.

“Whoever did it needs to hang their head in shame and should never be allowed into a football game again.”

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  1. A shocking game and outcome
    The referee and his assistants should be referred to the FA as totally inadequate and bottle less.. the incident involving Tony got completely out of hand and should have been dealt with in a more intelligent for the incident with Josh.,I amongst others had a good view of the incident.. and a slow motion view of the recording that the inept and child like antic of the keeper shows Josh did not actually touch him.,he was rolling about like he had been shot.,shocking sportsmanship..summed up at the end of the game when as he passed us and I said to him how he was a clown and had got another player sent off he just started laughing..I have today sent a letter to the FA outlining what I witnessed and how the goalkeeper was play acting..and his attitude and remarks at the end if the game.,await the FA,s reply..

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